Waiting For The Snow

So many X'mas gifts from several brands made me happy :D

Today's look I wear CSR gift hair from Zero style.

This is really cute hair.

Besides this, I got hairs from shop seu and 69!

Now I feel I will be able to make styles for a month only with X'mas gifts LOL

:: I wear.. ::


SKIN: Redgrave ~ Kiara Pale SKIN Freckele brown1
HAIR: * 0 Style *CSR's Hair01*(Ginger Brown)


COAT: !_Ce Cubic effect ~ Leather Coat (Brown)
SWEATER: JILL ~ Mohair knit - Brown
PANTS: Armidi Limited ~ Kogo Skinny Pants Light Khaki
GLOVES: **en Svale** ~ Gloves(Covoa)
EARRINGS: (Caroline's) ~ Snowflake Diamond Earring
BAG: BroGear ~ Islander Bag
BOOTS: Redgrave ~ 01 Girls' Biker Boots -BROWN-
HAT: ++ Gbberish** ~ Storm Hat (Girl) Free!!
SCARF: Kyoot ~ Holiday Wynter Scarf I (femme)

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade


Military Look for Girls

Viola Leigh (Her rezday is just the same as my RL Bday!!) and Emilia Redgrave did awesome work again and again.

"Girls' Biker Boots" are made of old leather.

The texture is amazing realistic and the sculpty parts are well detailed.

They inspired me to make this military look.

At first I selected black long coat.

The hem of the coat fit my body and it shows my body lithe and energetic.

I went to mens' store to get army bag made of suede and picked militaly fatigue cap.

To add some girlish taste, I wrapped check scarf.

The square drop earrings from Miabella Foxley perfect fit this scarf. (Thank you Mia <33)

I want to go Camden High Street to get nice accessories and clothings in this style ;)

:: I wear.. ::


SKIN: Redgrave ~ Kiara Pale SKIN Freckele brown1
HAIR: * 0 Style ~ *Luna*(Raven)


COAT: !_Ce Cubic effect ~ Coat Long & Short_LONG
SWEATER: DPS ~ Uniiqlo Turtle knit White
PANTS: Emery ~ Zoe Denim Black1
GLOVES: DoMoCo ~ Full Finger Gloves Black
EARRINGS: m.fox earring- Mix & Match Onyx Set (X'mas gift from Miabella Foxley! Thank you, Mia <3)
BAG: BroGear ~ Mao Messenger Bag Sml (BLACK)
BOOTS: Redgrave ~ 01 Girls' Biker Boots -Black-
HAT: AKEYO_jeepCAP_Camo-Grey

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade


No Cachet, No Fashion vol.3 - Dietrich Style

Yes, it is Dietrich Style.

Marlene Dietrich is as you know, German legendary actress and singer in 1920s.

Her decadently beauty still fascinates us.

Many actress and musicians like Madonna are influenced by her.

Dietrich shirt and tie from Cachet inspired me to make manish and classical style.

"Morocco" is one of Marlene's masterpieces.

In the movie, she is a beauty in male attire.

I love decadence and in RL, I often wear mens' clothings in male attire.

Today's look is just as I am in RL ;) Though my hair is brown in RL.

Anyway it is strange that a beret works well in manish look and also in school girl style.

I used to wear black baret when I was a high school girl.

The uniform of our high school was designed by a French nun who came to Japan to propagate Christianity.

If you feel that today's Dietrich style look like a school girl, maybe because this beret reminded me of my school days.

:: I wear.. ::


SKIN: MMS ~ London Fair makeup8b
HAIR: MMShair ~ Ava - Beach Blond


SHIRT: Cachet ~ DIETRICH-shirt/white/
SKIRT: Cachet-SOLANGE skirt/dark
TIE: Cachet ~ DIETRICH-tie/color scripted/
SOCKS: Cachet ~ Nicolette dress Socks (gray)
BAG: Cachet ~ CLUTCHbag/ZEBRA_chain/_scripted
BELT: --shu*shu-- ~ DOT BELT
BERET: Decollage ~ Oh So French Beret.
HEEL: (LUCE) ~ coron - Hard Black -
STUDS: *Muism* ~ Jewelled Stud/gold.black [5mm]

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade


No Cachet, No Fashion vol.2 - Regent!

In SL, we can be anyone (not only a human but also a cat or dog!!)

I've never been a furry, though I sometimes want to get cat AV ;)

Anyway, how I dreamed to be regent girl!!

When MMS hair released this hair, I rushed there to get fatpack :D

Today's look is so simple rock style.

Can you see the face draw on the leather vest?

I LOVE it <33

This is the second style made of Winter collection from Cachet.

:: I wear.. ::


SKIN: MMS-London Light makeup1
HAIR: MMShair ~ HERA - Beach Blond


VEST: Cachet ~ DIETRICH vest...3/ grayscales1
PANTS: Cachet ~ tightsBlack
SCARF: Cachet ~ SCARFtube_knitt1_red
BAG: Cachet ~ GYM bag-GRAY
BELT: Cachet ~ SilverBelt2
BOOTS: Maitreya ~ Billow Boots - Cherry
STUDS: *Muism* ~ Cross Jewelled Stud/gold.black [8mm]

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade


No Cachet, No Fashion vol.1 - Gothic Glam

Why do I remember Tim Burton at the end of every year?

I was thinking about it.

It maybe simply because he directed "Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Edward Scissorhands ".

Both of them are my favorite movies.

This mannish coat and shirt inspired me to make gothic glam style.

The coat from Cachet is needless to say, so fashion.

Not only this one, but also other tons of outfits are perfect for fashionistas to dress up sophisticated.

From this post, I'll show you 3 styles from Cachet :)

:: I wear.. ::


SKIN: MMS-London Fair makeup3
HAIR: MMS Hair ~ Dianna (LBrown)


COAT: Cachet ~ MIMIcoat/dark gray
SHIRT: Cachet ~ DIETRICH-shirt/white
PANTS: Cachet ~ WOOL PANTS-gray
GLOVES: Cachet ~ MAX-Gloves
BAG: Cachet ~ CLUTCHbag/chain/
CORSET: [[seVan]] ~ Claire high waist Top black (part)
COLLAR: ~Vette's Boutique~ ~ Frilly - collar Black
HAT: { Kari } ~ Dr. John hat (With shadow)
BELT: --shu*shu-- ~ RED BELT
BOOTY: -TESLA- ~ Athena *black*
STUDS: *Muism* ~ Cross Jewelled Stud/gold.black [8mm]

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade


Frugal and Kawaii

Finally I got the x'mas bag of plod!!

Many thanks to mirai <33

I must apolozige to the fans of Cubic effect cause he spent too much time to hunt snowmen for me, away from his work of making clothings of Cubic :P

We spent almost 2days to catch 10 snowmen LOL

BettyPage gave us kawaii earmuffs as a x'mas gift for her fans.

Of course, as a big fan of her, I hurried her store to get it. Thank you Betty <3

Today's style costs under 500L$ LOL (Not including skin)

Only in the x'mas season, I can be frugal :D

:: I wear.. ::


SKIN: Redgrave ~ Kiara Pale skin Freckle brown1
HAIR: BP* ~ autumn loose braid 2/gold2/click and resize :)
EYELASHES: MMS-Photoshoot II Lashes


KNIT: ASH STYLE ~ high-necked sweater F
SKIRT: *op-* ~ rainbow long skirt**sakuran** (170L$)
BAG: ::plod:: ~ LeatherShoulderBag_Christmas version.(Free)
MUFFLER: ,+*aya V*+.Knit muffler 2
EARMUFF: BP* winter sunflower earmuffs/mid/click!and resize(Free)
BELT: --shu*shu-- ~ RACE BELT (sale! 5L$)
BOOTS: **M+M** ~ mouton boots red (10L$)

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade


Color Me Warm, Let Me Warm You

For me, multi-layered style is so hard to make.

Today, I heard that one of my favorites stores, "WaRnth18" had announced their close...

In SL I've missed so many stores I ever loved to shop.

I made up my mind to make today's style only with thier outfits.

At first, I selected this cool kilt skirt.

I was wondering if I would wear khaki tank or red one.

Finally I picked red one. I was in the mood to wear warm colored outfits.

Fringe boots and ten-gallon hat fit for the urban hippie look.

Well I need a glass of Long Island Iced Tea made of reposado :P

:: I wear.. ::


SKIN: MMS ~ London (soon to be released)
HAIR: *MODERNO ~ Keith Hair (Tan Hat) - Toffee
EYE: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes brown intense 9
EYELASHES: MMS-Photoshoot II Lashes


SHIRT: [ WaRnth18 ] ~ Tank(RED)
SKIRT: [ WaRmth18 ] ~ Skirt(Skull*Mix) :3
MUFFLER: [OZ]*18 ~ MUFFLER(RED) Female :3
SOCKS: DPS ~ ~ Uniiqlo long socks orange
STUDS: *MM* ~ Royal Crown Stud
BRACELET: { Kari } ~ Scribble bracelet (S)
BAG: Paper Couture ~ The Vagabond Bag olive
GLOVES: Savvy? ~ Dirt Riding Gloves
BOOTS: J's ~ Fringe Cowgirl Boots(6Colors)

Taxi to WaRnth18

** Store will be closed today!! Hurry Hurry!!

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade


Ivy Girl

Good morning from Japan (It's 5am!)

Today I wear glasses only for fashion :)

I've been good eyesight but since I was a child, I've longed for a stylish girls wearing glasses.

I have tons of glasses.

My favorite one is from Alain Mikli!

As a translator, I spend much time in library.

Glasses are the right item for a translator, standing in front of book shelf :P

It's too cold outside and the temperature dropped to -3°C XD

I selected soft turtle sweater, leather jacket, checked pants, and knit leg warmers to wrap up warm.

The first time Ivy look became in fashion was 60S and came back recently.

I need book band but I couldn't find it in SL!

:: I wear.. ::


SKIN: Redgrave ~ Kiara Pale skin Freckle brown1
HAIR: (CS) ~ Jennifer Hair + Hat - Chocolate
EYELASHES: MMS-Photoshoot II Lashes


JACKET: !_Ce Cubic effect ~ Short leather jackets 2 (blue)
SWEATER: *DPS ~ Uniiiqlo Turtle knit (Beige)
PANTS: BAIASTICE ~ Pants Jacquard green
LEGWARMERS: !_Ce Cubic effect ~ Leg warmer Knit(Blue)
SUSPENDERS ~ { Kari } - New School suspenders
BAG: (CS) ~ Hobo Bag - Brown Suede (Shoulder)
GLOVES: Vett's Boutique ~ V Gloves (Brown)
SHOES: Maitreya ~ Frenzy - Triple Gem

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade


Rock Me Emery!

Every time I visit Emery, I take too much time to select one.

There I can find ROCK.

As many of you know, they released 5 rock outfits sets which were created under the slogan ""We Will Rock You".

Yes, they rocked me.

I made one style from 3 sets.

haha, is it too punkish ? LOL

I wish I could edit photo more and more better.

I wanted to create photo like Dennis Morris whom I respect LOL (I love his awesome photos of Sex Pistols <3)

The headphone is from Skratch Labo which owned by turntable who is RL world famous DJ :D

His musical instruments like DJ booth are so realistic and detailed ( cause he use them in RL!! )

:: I wear.. ::


SKIN: MMS ~ MoscowLight-makeup2b
HAIR: MMShair ~ CHARLIE - Natural Blond
EYE: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes brown intense 9


JACKET: Emery ~ Denis (part of set)
SHIRT: Emery ~ Denis (part of set)
LEGGINGS: Emery ~ Plastic Letters (part of set)
ARM BAND: Emery ~ Call Me (part of set, Free!)
SHADE: Emery ~ Aviator Rosy
EARRING: Emery ~ Earrings Trianular Blondie (Free)
LEG WARMERS: !_Ce Cubic effect ~ Leg warmer(Pink: tinted by me)
GLOVES: biancaF ~ pizzotintablegloves
BAG: Cachet ~ Rock Bag(pink)
BOOTY: Maitreya ~ Slinky (Fuchsia)
HEADPHONE: *Skratch Labo* ~ Headphone Color Change 3

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade


Relax, Take it Easy

The last month of this year began.

Too much work and few time most people feel in this season.

I have to get X'mas trees and decorations but RL and SL work don't allow me to go shopping.

I opened my closet to select some to make relaxed style.

Bulky knit dress is the best outfit, lying beside fire place :)

I added some hippie accessories (This headpiece is awesome kawaii)

While I was lying in the house, I was called by my boss to our store!!

I grobed this old leather bag and hurried to the store!!

It's so cold outside but I came to know why he called me.

I want to tell you what happened at that time:D

But it's still secret ;P I'll tell you after taking some photo !!!!

:: I wear.. ::


SKIN: Redgrave ~ Kiara pale freckle/ brown1
HAIR: =TEKUTEKU= ~ odango(choco)
EYE: MADesigns ~ SOUL eyes Brown 5


DRESS: !_Ce Cubic effect Bulky Knit (beige)
HEADPIECE: (Slow Kitchen) ~ hippie_band(cool_color)
BRACELET: Shiny things ~ Hippie deluxe bracelets - black
RING: Creamshop ~ wood coin ring
BOOTS: J's ~ Westernboots(BR)
SOCKS: Maitreya ~ Slouch Socks Brown
BAG: ::plod:: ~ LeatherShoulderBag

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade


Not Siamese But Dalmetian

In Japan people often say that "You are dog face" or "I'm a cat face".

Most girls want to be said to be looked like cat :)

And I ?

Some people say cat and others say dog :P

I love freckle skins cause they remind me of dalmetian :D

Today I wear freckle skin and dalmetian fur jacket!!

Is it some kind of apatetic style ? lol

Anyway recent posts, I made kawaii styles.

I'm fickle girl so I always like to change my styles like chameleon.

Yes it is cool urgan club style I love in RL!!

Laced up thigh high boots I have also in RL :)

Though I'm too tall without any heels.

:: I wear.. ::


SKIN: REDGRAVE ~ 03 Kiara Pale SKIN Freckle/brown1
HAIR: MMShair ~ CHARLIE - Beach Blond
EYE: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes - brown intense 9


JACKET: Baiastice ~ short Jacket_dalmata
PANTS: bijou ~ Abstractprint Leggings iron
SHOES: J's ~ Thigh High BOOTS
GLOVES: Savvy? ~ Riding Glove (Coal)
EARRINGS: *bf* ~ boburg-orecchino
SHADE: [Armidi Gisaci] ~ Fi Umo Sunglasses - Black Turtoise / Brown Lens
BAG: [ M N ] ~ handbags-special mini 11552 camo-1 p*1_black

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade


Cheer Me Up Style

Well as I wrote yesterday, I continued to talk about care bare :)

The 1st care bear I got was green "Good Luck Bear".

And the 2nd is pink "Cheer Bear".

Her misshion is to cheer up people :)

Today I made pink kawaii style to make myself cheer up :D

:: I wear... ::


SKIN: Redgrave ~ Kiara Pale skin Freckle brown1
HAIR: ::69:: ~ ESCAPE 01 - brown -, ::69:: ~ ESCAPE 02 - brown -
EYELASHES: MMS-Photoshoot II Lashes


TOPS: !_Ce Cubic effect ~ Hooded_knit (Pink)
PANTS: !_Ce_Cubic effect ~ Knit pants (Beige)
BAG: ETD ~ Casual Pochette (Brown & Cream)
NECKLACE: [VG Republic] ~ Circle Charm Necklace
SOCKS: line ~ socks brown
BOOTS: *Kookie * Muggy Brown

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade

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