Green Card

I love gardening as a pastime.

Of course it is cold winter and my garden is not green now!! (Though im my room white radish sprouts are growing)

In my garden, there I planted raspberry, blueberry and tomato.

Lemon balm, mint, and bergamot, I also love to raise herbs :)

Yes today's style I call "Green girl" ;)

I must write that one of my favorite movies is "Green Card" starring Andie MacDowell/

She played the role of a gardner who had huge greenhouse in her apartment.

I wish I could live in that apartment!!!!

Oh I forget to write that my 1st care bare was Good Luck Bear.

He's green and has a four-leaf clover on his stomach :)

To be continued...Cause I talked too much ;P

:: I wear.. ::


SKIN: Redgrave ~ Kiara Pale skin Freckle brown1
HAIR: ::69:: ~ ESCAPE 01 - brown -, ::69:: ~ ESCAPE 02 - brown -
EYELASHES: MMS-Photoshoot II Lashes


TOPS: !_Ce Cubic effect ~ Hooded_knit (Beige)
PANTS: !_Ce_Cubic effect ~ Knit pants (Green)
NECKLACE: [VG Republic] ~ Circle Charm Necklace
BAG: House of Heart ~ Go Green produce bag
SOCKS: Maitreya ~ Prim Sock Brown


Twiggy Twiggy

Now I'm listening to "Twiggy Twiggy" by Pizzicato 5.

I was so happy to find this twiggy bag!!

Cause I was a big fan of Pizzicato 5 and this song is one of thier most popular songs.

I seldom make retro styles.

But with this bag, I could not stop selecting retro outfits and hair.

I'm mad for this adorable mushroom style hair with beret!

It's too sweet :))

The coat dress I got from DPS.

All prims can be modified with script so we should not make effort to fit them our body.

:: I wear.. ::


SKIN: MMS ~ MoscowLight-makeup2b
HAIR: 69 ~ Soon to be Released!
EYE: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes brown intense 9
EYELASHES: MMS-Photoshoot II Lashes


COAT: *DPS ~ Jacqueline Black
GLOVES: Fleur ~ Gloves Short Black
BAG: Baiastice ~ Twiggy bag_Fancy Pink resize
TIGHTS: Veschi ~ Tintable Tights Heavy Knit
BOOT: Maitreya ~ SoHo Boots 'Cocktail Grunge'

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade


Let Your Body Free

Since joined SL, I've often skipped the exercise class.

I love to swim, ride an exercise bike and jog along the beach.

But SL stole my time!!

Well I decided to do exercise in SL :D

At first, I got a boombox to listen to funky dance music, then selected sporty outfits.

Oops too chilly, wearing only tank!! I added fur jacket to go out.

:: I wear.. ::


SKIN: MMS Moscow Light makeup2b
HAIR: ::69:: ~ ESCAPE 02 - blonde -
EYE: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes - brown intense 7


TANK: kiss store ~ kiss the girl shirt
PANTS: kiss store ~ pink leopard pant
FUR: biancaF ~ 31 (parts)
SHOES: FNKY! ~ Pumps/Classic - Pink
GLOVES: Vette's Boutique ~ V glove (Pink)
BRACELET: ::69:: ~ Sprinkles Bracelet - White -
SHADES: booN ~ glasses PF3.0acce
BELT: *::UM::* ~ Chain_Belt
BOOMBOX: Decollage ~ Boombox

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade


West End Girls

English literature was my major in college.

Since under school age, I have been a book addict.

Emily Brontë, D.H.Lawrence, Conrad, Forster, Joyce...I really love English literature.

After graduated from college, I had worked in some college in London as a teacher assistant of Japanese professor.

London is my second hometown.

After returned from UK, I used to sleep with a Harrods' teddy bear :)

But last week, my friend gave me Care Bare <33 So now I sleep with him!! Maybe I'm a flirt!!

I often enjoy afternoon tea. Of couse I bake scones by myself ;)

Check hat, check pants, and check bag I selected to make british girl style.

:: I wear... ::


SKIN: REDGRAVE ~ 03 Kiara Pale SKIN Freckle/*oldrose
HAIR: [Aden] ~ Nicole (Brown)
EYE: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes - brown intense 7


JACKET: **en Svale** ~ B-3 Jacket
PANTS: Baiastice ~ skirt & Pants Tweed brown
HAT: AKEYO ~ Fedora_Houndstooth
SOCKS: DPS ~ Uniiqlo long socks brown
BAG: ETD Everyday Tote (Tan Weave)
GLOVES: Vette's Boutique ~ V Gloves (Brown)
SHOES: Maitreya ~ Frenzy Banana - Brown
STUDS: *MM* ~ Royal Crown Stud


How to Be A Sophisticated Girl

I could not stop getting this elegant shawl which resembles my RL fav shawl!

How I dreamed to have silky shawl in SL...

This shawl is thick and gorgeous look.

Wide and loose pants are also one of my favorite items on my clset.

I'm tall girl and sometimes enjoy dressing like a man in mens' suit.

In SL, there seldom found such pants!!

They consist of sculpted prims around thighs and knees.

We can walk with long strides :)

I felt like a sophisticated woman in the novels by Irwin Shaw.

:: I wear... ::


SKIN: MMS Moscow Light makeup2b
HAIR: MMShair ~ SILL - LBrown
EYE: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes - brown intense 7
NAIL: bijou ~ nail deepDream Night


SHIRTS: !_Ce_Cubic effect ~ Shirt H5 (Black)
PANTS: !_Ce Cubic effect ~ Flare trousers (Beige)
SHOES: Redgrave ~ Patent Leather Heel -Black-//
SHAWL: Zaara ~ pashmina shawl *almost black*
RING: Paper Couture ~ Times Square Ring - Kyanite - Dark Blue
BAG: Baiastice~ Camelia_black

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade


Already Winter

My friend Mariya sent me this cute handmade necklace <33 ( I love it!! Thank you Mariya!)

I mainly wear dark brown hair but today I choose srrawberry brown one cause I wanted to be girly/

It's sooo cold outside!!!

I caught cold again XD

:: I wear... ::


SKIN: MMS ~ MoscowLight-makeup2b
HAIR: * 0 Style *Sarah3* ~ (Strawberry Chocolate)
EYELASHES: MMS-Photoshoot II Lashes


PANTS: !_Ce Cubic effect ~ Flare trousers (Red)
SWEATER: Maitreya ~ Sendal dresses
NECKLACE: Chunky Dory Necklace - For Emi (Thank you Mariya <3)
BAG: Baiastice ~ 2009_croccodile (red)
GLOVES: Cachet ~ Max
RING: BiancaF ~ ring00-anello
SOCKS: Maitreya ~ Slouch (Aubergine)
HEELS: Maitreya ~ Frenzy Banana - Black

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade


Coffee All Night Long

It's 4am in Japan and I still play SL, not going to bed ( I should keep silent cause my mom will scold me if she catch me!!)

I'm now drinking a cup of coffee.

I used to prefer tea rather than coffee.

But recently I fell in love with kona coffee made in Hawaii!!

Yes, this is coffee color style in chill autumn:)

I love coffee with milk and sugar.

So I selected beige, white and brown to make this style.

Kumiiii!! This hair is adorable!! I <3 this curly hair.

Viola! Yes, I'll hurry to go to bed after posting it!!!

I love the armwarmers and boots!!! <3

:: I wear... ::


SKIN: MMS ~ MoscowLight-makeup2b
HAIR: ::69:: ~ IN2U - brown -
EYE: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes brown intense 7
EYELASHES: MMS-Photoshoot II Lashes
NAIL: bijou ~ nail deepDream (Nuts)


DRESS: !_Ce Cubic effect Bulky Knit 2 (beige)
ARMWARMERS: Redgrave ~ Polar Arm Cuffs -Caramel-
BOOTS: Redgrave ~ Polar Boots -Caramel-
TIGHTS: BP ~ sep2008 wool tights /ARGYLE/ brown0
RING: Creamshop ~ wood coin ring
STUDS: Muism ~ Cross Jewelled Stud/gold.black [8mm]
BAG: =E.M.A= ~ BAG (Freebie!!!!!!!!!!!)

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade



Yes, this is one of the newest release from bijou.

I made 2 styles from 1 funky set.

Honestly I seldom wear street casual outfits in RL except for my modeling work for mag (I love them but I have few opportunities to visit the place where I should wear funky outfits!!)

In SL, so many Japanese designers appeared in fashion field recently.

Most of them make casual stuff.

I learn to make casual styles every day by watching people in the street in both worlds.

:: I wear... ::


SKIN: MMS ~ MoscowLight-makeup2b
HAT & HAIR: MMS Hair ~ Tete- LBrown, ::69:: ~ ENVY me - lightbrown -
EYE: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes brown intense 9
EYELASHES: MMS-Photoshoot II Lashes

OUTFIT1 (top and right)

SHIRT: bijou ~ Vibe [fakefur/Gray set]
PANTS: bijou ~ Vibe [fakefur/Gray set]
FUR: bijou ~ Vibe [fakefur/Gray set]
BOOTS: J's ~ Fringe Cowgirl Boots(Red)
BAG: Decollage ~ I'm Not a plastic Bag (grey)
RING: bbb ~ [ida] Model's Gift

OUTFIT2 (left)

COAT: !_Ce Cubic effect ~ Suede half coat (Bright Gray)
SHIRT: bijou ~ Vibe [fakefur/Gray set]
PANTS: bijou ~ Vibe [fakefur/Gray set]
BOOTS: J's ~ Real Toe 2WayShort Boots SILVER GRAY
BELT: UM ~ Chain_Belt
RING: bbb ~ [ida] Model's Gift
BAG: Baiastice ~ 2009_croccodile black-resize

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade


Fur + Crocodile = Gorgeous

Today, I wear gorgeous fur coat set by Icemocolo & Migi Voom.

All stylists are always worrried about "layers" cause we should mix and match to make styles.

I often sigh when I open the box of some shirts or tank and find that there is only jacket layer.

This set consists of 11 layers and 11 prim parts.

So we can enjoy making several styles!!

Today I try gorgeous style so I added crocodile bag by Sissy Pessoa.

Sissy was so kind to send me this unreleased bag.

Of course you will be able to get this soon!!! 6 colors will be available and they are all resizable.

Sissy and me talked via IM about Hermes Birkin.

Yeah we love Birkin <3

In SL, there found few gorgeous bags. They will sure to be MUST have ones.

:: I wear... ::


SKIN: MMS ~ MoscowLight-makeup2b
HAIR: Detour ~ Bob II - Black - Flexi Hair
EYE: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes brown intense 9
EYELASHES: MMS-Photoshoot II Lashes


COAT: Muism ~ Guerilla* [Yeti Coat Set] Smoke
VEST: Muism ~ Guerilla* [Yeti Coat Set] Smoke
SCARF: Muism ~ Crinkle scarf /Silver_small (Mod by me)
STUDS: Muism ~ Cross Jewelled Stud/gold.black [8mm]
GLOVES: Cachet ~ Max
BAG: Baiastice ~ 2009_croccodile black-resize ( soon to be released )
BOOTY: Stiletto Moody ~ Bitch Bootie (BB Black Heel)

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade



My friend Kotobuki of bijou will open her newest SIM on 11th Nov.

She was kind to invite me to her SIM "bijouaholic" to show me the newest line of her stuff.

Today's style, I don't wear her new stuff!! Tank and pants are now available in her current main store.

I plan to show you "before and after" styles :)

So this is "before" style!!

I'll post "after" styles, wearing her newest outfits later.

Please wait a while!!

Thanks to Uma, Carissa and Mariya for the great reviews (but maybe I couldn't find all reviews of bijou XD).

Please check their styles also <33 emi

*Uma's post

*Carissa's post

*Mariya's post

** I wear... **


SKIN: Aden ~ Gen.3 Tan - CatEye

HAIR: MMShair ~ ELECTRA - LBrown

EYE: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes - brown intense 7


JACKET: Ce Cubic effect ~ Short leather jackets (brightgray)

TANK: bijou ~ Exceed

PANTS: bijou ~ Exceed

SHOES: J's ~ Real Toe 2WayShort Boots BLACK

GLOVES: Savvy? ~ Riding Gloves (Coal Riding Gloves)

NECKLACE: Kari ~ "92" Mixtape Necklace (S)

SHADES: VG Republic ~ Sleek Visor Sunglass in Grey

BAG: Cachet ~ LoveJUNKYbag/FULLblack/

POSES: Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade

Pink Ribbon

Yesterday I was modeling for the runway show of Make Over Magic organized by FACES to celebrate the re-opening of ACS SIM.

This style I made for the show.
In SL, there are so many people who are now suffered from several kinds of illness.
I had made friends with a survivor, introduced by ACS and we shared pleasure on runway.
It was my memorial day.

After the show, I wrapped pink stole to warm up my body.
Maybe you know "pink" has some meaning for the patients of breath cancers.
In RL, I've been familiar with a breath cancer patient.
SL is not only a game just to have fun.
We can learn more and more by communicating with people in front of PC.

**Style Details **


SKIN: MMS ~ MoscowLight-makeup2b

HAIR: MMShair ~ WILMA - LBrown

EYE: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes brown intense 3

EYELASHES: MMS-Photoshoot II Lashes

NAIL: Candy Nail ~ Basic nail Pink


DRESS: Cachet ~ Nicolette dress (Gray)

TIGHTS: Cachet ~ Nicolette dress (Gray)

STOLE: !_Ce Cubic effect ~ stole(Pink)

EARRINGS: Cachet(VG) ~ DEBORAH Earrings (Pink)

BAG: Cachet ~ Anya bag(Plum)

HEELS: Maitreya ~ ChiChi Pumps - Golden Velvet



When I was a college student, I worked in a custom made jewelry shop.

There displayed tons of brilliant jewels.

But as an ordinary college student, I got few at the store.

Since then, I've been addicted in jewelry, especially diamond.

When we select diamond, we must check the grade.

"Flawless" is the highest grade of diamond.

Today I visited BANDIT JEWELRY.

I got this well detailed flawless diamond ring.

Cut, color, clarity are the 3 points to judge the value of diamonds.

Of course, this ring has the highest rate of these 3 points.

Wanna be a noble lady ?

You should get flawless ring.

RING: Jador ~ WLB Ring Diamonds party
SKIN: BiancaF ~ *bf* fata2-ivory-acrilik

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