SLMODE.COM started

I'll move my blog and rename it as "SLMODE.COM".

This blog I'll use only for the announce of the update of new blog "for a while" for the readers who ever followed my blog.

Click the banner below to come to my new blog :)

Thank you for your all kind messages while I stopped blogging.

I really appreciate you all.

Emi Bade



I forgot to mention that my blog was sometimes bumped up to the top of the planet when I edited my posts by correcting spell mistakes, or store name.

English is not my first language, please remember.
I often make mistakes of English spelling or grammer.
Some people ever dropped me comments that I should correct spelling mistakes by editing the posts, pointing where I wrote wrong in details.

There are some Japanese fashion bloggers who have great style blogs apart from Japanese residents' blog community.
Most of them write not in English, but in Japanese or post "only photos and item names" though they can write in plain English.
Do you understand what we feel about it?

Maybe you notice that some Japanese fashion bloggers seldom relpy their comments or write very "short" reply.
And they tend to drop no comments on others' blogs.
It is not because they are lazy but they are afraid if they make mistakes in comment fields.

We Japanese people usually learn English for 6years at our school days.
So most people can write "plain" English.

I often write comments on other bloggers' blogs in English.
I know most people are kind to us.

I must tell you that I didn't intend to bump up my blog on the top of the planet by editing posts often.
(and I avoided editing my posts since when I suspected that it caused the bug.)

I appologize to you if I disturbed your fun of blogging.

I got too tired. Yes, too tired even can't sleep enough since I saw the post I was exposed on some website.
I may stop blog and don't start new blog cause I've blogged for fun.



New Blog


Recently I've been worried that my blog has been bumped to the top of fashion planet.

It often occured even while I was sleeping.

I ever tried to contact the organizer that my blog was suffured from some bug of the feed but unfortunately I received no reply.

There are other feeds and there my blog has never been bumped to the top.

As a stylist, I continued blogging on blogspot cause there are many friends who added my blog to their favorite list and I always appreciate my followers.

I didn't want to take their time so I couldn't close or move my blog.

Today some people kindly told me that when my blog had new comment, it made my blog up to the top of the planet.

I decided to make this blog only to use to announce the update of my main blog of wordpress.

I'll set the blog comment of this blogspot will not be allowed to avoid the trouble.

Full articles will be published only on wordpress and there I'll be glad to communicate with you on the comment field.

I apologize to you if you felt ill till now.

I'll announce the new blog URL when I finish preparing for it.

Thank you.


I'm a Gothic Glam Doll ~ JM:Mai Devonz Sakuran

Today I wear JM:Mai devonz sakuran skin.

"sakuran" skins are new optional skins of devonz series.

Lip colors are available in normal, red and black.

The skin I wear on the style photos is black one.

They look so fashion.

I selected dark purple dress by biancaF.

The necklace, earrings and bracelet are all black.

Gigi hair is the newest release from Vanity Hair.

From now I'll attend the wedding party of my friend :)

Which one do you love? :)

:: I wear... ::

SKIN: JM:Mai skin_devonz sakuran black
HAIR: Vanity Hair ~ Gigi umber
EYELASHES: Rhapsody [ glow ] studio ~ Lashes - Paint splash

DRESS: *bf* ~ paracadute
GLOVES: *bf* ~ black gloves
TIGHTS: LeLutka ~ Max (part of outfit)
HEELS: Maitreya ~ ChiChi Black
NECKLACE: p.c; Black Pearls
EARRINGS: p.c.; Black Pearl Drops Earrings
BRACELET: Bonita ~ Black Double Wrap Bead Bracelet~Low Shine


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Style/Model/Photo: Emi Bade


Summer Drive Date Style


Today's style I started from the newest release of So Many Styles' high waist skirt.

Healthy and sexy tight skirt fits my body and looks beautiful for various poses.

I picked up tarquoise blue tank also from SMS and sandals from Maitreya.

They are almost the same color so we can easily put together.

Well the style is perfect for the summer drive date ;)

I added my favorite shawl from Zaara which always reminds me of Hermes scarves.

Ok, anyone reserve me the front seat please? LOL

:: I wear... ::

SKIN: MMS(LeLutka) ~ JohannesburgDark-Makeup6
HAIR: [Aden] ~ Nicole (Blonde)
NAIL: CanDy Nail ~ #000 Basic Nail blue

TOPS: {SMS} ~ Undertop Blue
SKIRT: {SMS} ~ Highwaist Skirt Blue
BELT: Kyoot Army ~ Thin Electro Belt - Blue/White
SHAWL: ZC ~ Kashmiri aari work shawl *cream*
BAG: Baiastice ~ Leather Business_blue-resize
HEELS: Maitreya ~ Frenzy ~ Turquoise
SHADES: Baiastice ~ sunglasses-little diamond pearl
POSE: Muism


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Style/Model/Photo: Emi Bade


Asian Look

Hello :)

I fell in love with the awesome beautiful asian skin called "DEVONZ".

2days ago, I visited JOMAN's store and got the first skins, Yu.

They look so realistic and cute.

I uploaded a photo on my flickr. JOMAN was so pleased to see it :))

Yesterday I got "DEVONZ" skins and here I introduce her great work here.

JOMAN is a Korean girl and the creator of this dress, Jojorunoo Runo is also from Korea.

I'm really happy to see my neighbors' really great activities :)

DEVONZ skins are so detailed. From Goth makeup to mode makeup, JOMAN supplies so wide range of skins.

My favorite one is non-make up version which I wear on the first photo.

The shape of eyebrows and the shines of the lips look so natural and I love the expression of the skin.

:: I Wear...::

SKIN: JM:Mai skin by JOMAN Mai ~ devonz
HAIR: Maitreya ~ Aisha II - Chocolate
EYELASHES: LeLutka ~ Photoshoot lashes

DRESS: ~*RunoRuno*~ by Jojorunoo Runo ~ #07-linen


More Styles Here - Re*Myself

Style/Model/Photo: Emi Bade


Noir Gothic Glam

Today, I didn't plan to blog.

But when I was digging in my closet, I couldn't stop making style.

The black and purple dress by BiancaF is so unique and fashion.

The dress itself is quite simple and urban.

And the decorations have gothic taste.

Black roses with chained collar.

So mysterious and gorgeous impression I had.

Though I'm a asian girl, I seldom wear jet hair.But today's style needed black hair I thought.

I also needed beautiful eye lashes. So I wore paint splash lashes by glow studio.

Oh I'm so Japanese girl, today :)

:: I wear... ::

SKIN: LeLutka ~ LondonFair makeup9
HAIR: LeLutka hair ~ VELMA - Jet
EYELASHES: Rhapsody [ glow ] studio ~ Lashes - Paint splash

DRESS: *bf* ~ drama
GLOVES: LeLutka ~ Max (Part of outfit)
RING: P.C ~ Times Square Ring - Kyanite - Dark Blue
SOCKS: *bf* ~ tullesocks-calziniblue
HEELS: Pixel Mode Cocktails - Black Widow - w/S
BAG: Baiastice ~ Secchiello_Grey-resize


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Style/Model/Photo: Emi Bade


Summer Elegance in Chiffon Long Dress


Today I introduce you 2 talented girls.

Applonia Criss and Tabata Jewell.

I had known that she had started her clothing line but had no chance to visit her store.

Recently she moved her main store and reopened it.

Today, I visited the newest main store of her [chantkare] and so surprised to see her awesome nice clothings.

They are really beautiful and elegant. Unique and so fashion.

The summer collection reminded me of Arexander Mqueen's fantastic dresses.

I selected this blue and green summer dress (and others also ;D

Tabata is one of her friends and just started her hair store.

She had been modeling for a long time.

I suppose her top modeling carreer is meaningful in creating hairs.

The hair with spangled band is so cool. (Of course the band is color changeable)

She already released many unique and sophisticated hairs.

Zaara's bracelet and sandals by Pixel Mode I got at recent sale ;)

All things are perfect for the summer resort elegant style.

:: I wear... ::

SKIN: LeLutka ~ LondonLight makeup10
HAIR: Vanity Hair by Tabata Jewell ~ Marian - auburn
EYELASHES: LeLutka ~ Photoshoot Lashes
NAIL: CanDy Nail ~ #000 Basic Nail blue

DRESS: [chantkare] by Applonia Criss ~ AZUL generation
EARRINGS: [glow] ~ ``DeLyn~~ SNAKE earrings Gold
BRACELET: Zaara ~ Melange bangles blue
SANDALS: Pixel Mode ~ Chabi Wedge - L Blue
BAG: Baiastice ~ BORSA 2G spalla
POSE: Maitreya, Luth


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Style/Model/Photo: Emi Bade


Seaside Walking Casual


Yay! It's June!!

Have you already finished preparing for the upcoming sunshine season?

I got the first bikinis of this sommer at "en Svale" today.

Brown, gold, black and white stripe bikinis are so cool and I made up my mind to make urban casual resort style.

The sexy skirt also released from en Svale.

This will be our must have stuff for the summer.

Just wearing it on the bikini short, we can enjoy walking seaside town :)

The straw hat hair is really nice.

The sculpt hat and the testure of the hair are both perfect made.

The hat is color changeable so we can put on this with various color outfits.

The stole and bag are the newest releases from kawaii "Lotta" <3

The textures are awesome as always and of course, the bag includes cute poses.

:: I wear... ::

SKIN: MMS(LeLutka) ~ JohannesburgDark-Makeup6
EYELASHES: LeLutka ~ Photoshoot Lashes
NAIL: CanDy Nail ~ #000 Basic Nail Gold

BIKINI: en Svale ~ CrossBack BIKIBI E
SKIRT: en Svale ~ Loose Sewat Skirt (brown)
SHIRT: Ce Cubic effect ~ Suede Half Coat (Khaki)
STOLE: *LOTTA ~ Crinkle Stole(bk)
EARRINGS: [glow] ~ ``DeLyn~~ SNAKE earrings Gold
BRACELET: (CREAMSHOP) ~ lily bangle (white)
SANDALS: J's ~ Real Toe Cross Belt Sandals-UP
BAG: *LOTTA ~ _StrawToteBag(bk)
SHADES: booN ~ glasses BF1.6acce(for pants)
POSE: Torrid ~ Vain, - Analu - ~ Fresh Pose


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Style/Model/Photo: Emi Bade

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