I forgot to mention that my blog was sometimes bumped up to the top of the planet when I edited my posts by correcting spell mistakes, or store name.

English is not my first language, please remember.
I often make mistakes of English spelling or grammer.
Some people ever dropped me comments that I should correct spelling mistakes by editing the posts, pointing where I wrote wrong in details.

There are some Japanese fashion bloggers who have great style blogs apart from Japanese residents' blog community.
Most of them write not in English, but in Japanese or post "only photos and item names" though they can write in plain English.
Do you understand what we feel about it?

Maybe you notice that some Japanese fashion bloggers seldom relpy their comments or write very "short" reply.
And they tend to drop no comments on others' blogs.
It is not because they are lazy but they are afraid if they make mistakes in comment fields.

We Japanese people usually learn English for 6years at our school days.
So most people can write "plain" English.

I often write comments on other bloggers' blogs in English.
I know most people are kind to us.

I must tell you that I didn't intend to bump up my blog on the top of the planet by editing posts often.
(and I avoided editing my posts since when I suspected that it caused the bug.)

I appologize to you if I disturbed your fun of blogging.

I got too tired. Yes, too tired even can't sleep enough since I saw the post I was exposed on some website.
I may stop blog and don't start new blog cause I've blogged for fun.


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