New Blog


Recently I've been worried that my blog has been bumped to the top of fashion planet.

It often occured even while I was sleeping.

I ever tried to contact the organizer that my blog was suffured from some bug of the feed but unfortunately I received no reply.

There are other feeds and there my blog has never been bumped to the top.

As a stylist, I continued blogging on blogspot cause there are many friends who added my blog to their favorite list and I always appreciate my followers.

I didn't want to take their time so I couldn't close or move my blog.

Today some people kindly told me that when my blog had new comment, it made my blog up to the top of the planet.

I decided to make this blog only to use to announce the update of my main blog of wordpress.

I'll set the blog comment of this blogspot will not be allowed to avoid the trouble.

Full articles will be published only on wordpress and there I'll be glad to communicate with you on the comment field.

I apologize to you if you felt ill till now.

I'll announce the new blog URL when I finish preparing for it.

Thank you.


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