Asian Look

Hello :)

I fell in love with the awesome beautiful asian skin called "DEVONZ".

2days ago, I visited JOMAN's store and got the first skins, Yu.

They look so realistic and cute.

I uploaded a photo on my flickr. JOMAN was so pleased to see it :))

Yesterday I got "DEVONZ" skins and here I introduce her great work here.

JOMAN is a Korean girl and the creator of this dress, Jojorunoo Runo is also from Korea.

I'm really happy to see my neighbors' really great activities :)

DEVONZ skins are so detailed. From Goth makeup to mode makeup, JOMAN supplies so wide range of skins.

My favorite one is non-make up version which I wear on the first photo.

The shape of eyebrows and the shines of the lips look so natural and I love the expression of the skin.

:: I Wear...::

SKIN: JM:Mai skin by JOMAN Mai ~ devonz
HAIR: Maitreya ~ Aisha II - Chocolate
EYELASHES: LeLutka ~ Photoshoot lashes

DRESS: ~*RunoRuno*~ by Jojorunoo Runo ~ #07-linen


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Style/Model/Photo: Emi Bade

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