Canary Singing...

The yellow draping dress I got last autumn.

At first I thought it would be the best for retro style.

I love retro style but want to make something different.

I chose these floral printed stockings to add modern taste.

This mode hair from Labieja I really love <3

Micah and Applonia whom I had ever met in early half of 2008 became designers of the brand.

I should have known it earlier!!

Fortunately, I happened to visit their store today and fell in love with their creation.

:: I wear... ::


SKIN: LeLutka ~ LondonRevolutionLight - FShow Skin (Not for sale)
HAIR: !Labieja! ~ Saleisha (blond)
EYE: LeLutka ~ city MORNING Eyes


DRESS: *bf* ~ draping-skirtinyellow
SHOES: FNKY! ~ Pumps/Classic - Yellow
BAG: Baiastice ~ B-mini-leather green shouder
EARRINGS: [Lelutka] ~ -not named- MAYAN
ARMWARMERS: Maitreya ~ ArmWarmer (arm) Yellow
STOCKINGS: LBD ~ anna11 spring


So Comfortable, So Relaxed

So sleepy...but I can't stop blogging today.

Cause BettiePage's new release denim I highly recommend you all fasionistas!!

Indeed they are awesome. Realistic vintage taste texture and scuplted bottom parts.

You can enjoy inner clothes in 3 patterns for each color.

Not only in SL but also in RL I need them!!!

:: I wear...::


SKIN: Redgrave ~ tan Leona natural
HAIR: BP* ~ autumn loose braid 2/brown/click and resize :)


SHIRT: **en Svale** ~ Cotton Blouse-Berry_Flexi(white)
PANTS: BP* ~ flared denim/vintage/click!
HAT: *KUROTSUBAKI* ~ tulip hat (Free gift)
BAG: [LeLutka] ~ SACK bag/goldenrod_AO (Group gift)
SHOES: *LOTTA ~ Merry (red)R
BRACELET: [LeLutka] ~WOODEN BRACELET SET- by Miabella right
[LeLutka] WOOD BANGLES II- by Miabella left
NECKLACE: [Lelutka] ~ DROP PENDANT NECKLACE- FIRE OPAL- by Miabella(chest)


Like A Barbie Doll

I'm a collector of Barbie dolls in RL :)

"They" have over 100 heels!!

Yeah like me, my dolls are fastionistas ;)

Today I dress me like my favorite Barbie doll.

The retro dress is the newest release from Emery.

And this bag!!! I really love the girly texture and boxy shape.

The cute heels with color changeable ribbon are from Lotta.

As you know, Lotta is well known as a store of furniture and poses.

Yaya, one of my best friends and one of the owners of Lotta started her shoes line!!

Her texture is beautiful as same as her furniture.

:: I wear... ::


SKIN: LeLutka ~ LondonRevolutionLight - FShow Skin (Not for sale)
HAIR: Maitreya ~ Faye - Gold Blond


DRESS: Emery ~ Dress Mus #C
LEGGINGS: Emery ~ High Waist Leggings Fuscia
BELT: Kyoot Army ~ Rhin Electro Belt - Wine/Gold
SHOES: *LOTTA ~ Dorothy (blk)
SHADES: (VW) ~ Boho Shades - Plastic
BAG: Baiastice ~ Vintage_tekno-resize
NECKLACE: <3 CO-PILOT: Chunky Dory Necklace - For Gianni (Not for sale)
BRACELET: R: [LeLutka] ~ STRUNG STONES- by Miabella
L: ::69:: ~ Sprinkles Bracelet - Black -
GLOVES: LeLutka ~ ALEXA (part of outfit)
POSES: Lotta


LeLutka Spring Collection Show'09

Last weekend I enjoyed runway modeling for huge fashion event "LeLutka Spring Collection".

So exciting show that I can never forget!

Outfits by Minnu and Thora were all fabulous as you may already saw in the store.

Miabella started her carreer as a jewelry designer. Congrats Mia!

Fortunately I've been modeling for LeLutka and MM skin on runway for several times.

Their team has always been professional.

*Backstage shots*

[left to right] Thora, Valena, Minnu, Aradia and Miabella

Minnu Palen

Oh now that I just finished the show... I can't wait the next showcase of LeLutka.

Well I appreciate all staffs who supported us models and audiences who cheered us up during the show.

:: Style 1 ::


SKIN: LeLutka ~ LondonRevolutionLight - FShow Skin (Not for sale)
HAIR: LeLutka Hair ~ Grace ~ LBrown.FSHOW VER show2 (Not for sale)
EYE: LeLutka ~ city MORNING Eyes


DRESS: [LeLutka] ~ LEA dress/limegreen
SHOES: [LeLutka] ~ SHANON Apricot
SHADES: [LeLutka] ~ SUNGLASSES/champagne_chin
BAG: [LeLutka] ~ GLEN Top Hendle Bag-Indianred
EARRINGS: [Lelutka] ~ LANE EARRING- GOLD- by Miabella
L: [LeLutka] ~ RESIN BANGLES- ROSE DUST - by Miabella

:: Style 2 ::


SKIN: LeLutka ~ LondonRevolutionLight - FShow Skin (Not for sale)
HAIR: LeLutka Hair ~ Grace - LBrown.FSHOW VER
EYE: LeLutka ~ city MORNING Eyes


SHIRT: [LeLutka] ~ TANK top2
PANTS: [LeLutka] ~ MASHA pants
HAT: [LeLutka] ~ HAT_fabricB/navajowhite
SHOES: [LeLutka] ~ KORINA SHOES leather/cherry
BAG: [LeLutka] ~ SACK bag/white
EARRINGS: [Lelutka] ~ LANE EARRING- GOLD- by Miabella
L: [LeLutka] WOOD BANGLES II- by Miabella

Photo: Emi Bade

@4:15 Item list updated


Mademoiselle Noir

Konbanwa :)

Black elegant blouse from Baiastice I selected at first to make today's style for the family dinner.

Frilly sleeves are elegant.

The shadow and the light of the shirt layer are really natural.

Not too shiny and not too dark.

The sculpted thick belt looks gorgeous.

Sissy of Baiastice also started her shoe line and they are all so fashion.

The square toe ballerina shoes perfect fit this blouse.

Two little doves on my hat are about to peck at my head...oops!

I love to listen to their song :D

:: I Wear...::

SKIN: LeLutka ~ London Light baseA
HAIR: +++DEJAVU+++ ~ YURIA Natural blonde

SHIRT: Baiastice ~ Black mirage
PANTS: Baiastice ~ Classic long pants-dark grey
BELT: Baiastice ~ Black mirage
BAG: Baiastice ~ Secchiello_Grey-resize
SHOES: Baiastice~ _Ballerina_Fibia black_shoe
RING: P.C; ~ Times Square Ring - Kyanite - Dark Blue
HAT: Chapeau tres Mignon ~ Bird Nest Hat
BRACELET: Bonita ~ Black Double Wrap Bead Bracelet~Low Shine

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade


The Woman In Red & Brown

Today I decided to make urban cool style.

Red is the most attractive color I believe :)

I picked up this beautiful red shirt and coffee brown skirt.

:: I wear.. ::

SKIN: Redgrave ~ Leona tan ash
HAIR: Maitreya ~ Piper - Coffee

SHIRT: !_Ce Cubic effect ~ Shirt H6 (crimson)
SKIRT: Maitreya ~ HighSkirt - Choc
HAT: !_Ce Cubic effect ~ Natural Eight_A
NECKLACE: Armidi Limited ~ Zimbawe Necklace [Fight]
HEELS: Redgrave ~ London Heels Foot -Caramel-
BRACELET: .::FabulouS::. ~ Swagga*YG(R)
BAG: Cube Sugar ~ Checkered leather bag-Thick color (left hand)

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade



Ohayou! Good morning :)

Today I was in the mood to wear ethnic outfits.

At first I went to bijou cause I remembered kotobuki had ever created beautiful ethinical printed clothings.

I spent over 1 hour to select one LOL

There have been always full of realistic clothings I love in RL.

I chose "prayer" and next, picked up Bohemian Glow of Cubic effect.

The twisted prim of this turban is awesome indeed <33

:: I wear.. ::


SKIN: Redgrave ~ Leona tan ash
HAIR: Little Heaven ~ Rabi (cocoa)


TOP: !_Ce Cubic effect ~ Halterneck (Black)
SKIRT: :bijou: ~ prayer [red]
HAT: !_Ce Cubic effect ~ Bohemian Glow (Black)
EARRINGS: -EARTHTONES- ~ Chakra Hoop Earring, Pumpkin
BRACELET: R: -EARTHTONES- The New Grazia Bracelet gold black onyx
L: .+*aya V*+.wood brace*Left
SANDALS: J's ~ Real Toe Gather Wedge Sandals BLACK(Cork Wedge)

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade


Glam Girl With London Heels

Konbanwa :) Good evening and maybe good morning for many fasionistas :D

Viola Leigh of Redgrave sent me message that she just released heels!

At first glance, I fell in love with them.

They are too cool, gorgeous, and beautiful.

The straps wrapped around the ankles are so sexy and the shine and shade of them are natural.

I'm sure they are now MUST HAVE ONES for us fashionistas.

As I decided to make glam style with these heels, the skirt from biancaF, the upcoming hair from dejavu and the shades from Vintage Wear I picked up from my huge closet.

:: I wear.. ::

SKIN: Redgrave ~ tan Leona ash
HAIR: +++DEJAVU+++ ~ MADEMOISELLE Caramel brown(Soon to be released)

SWEATER: Maitreya ~ sendal dresses
SKIRT: *bf* ~ gonnellonequadri
HEELS: Redgrave ~ London Heels Foot -Black- //
NECKLACE: m.fox ~ hooked necklace- noir stone (spine) (Not for sale. Thx Miabella<3)
EARRINGS: p.c. ~ Black Pearl Drops Earrings
RING: P.C ~ Times Square Ring - Kyanite - Dark Blue
SHADES: (VW) ~ Urban Shades - Metal - Gold Topped
BAG: Baiastice ~ 2009_croccodile black-resize
GLOVES: LeLutka ~ Max



:: I wear.. ::


SKIN: REDGRAVE ~ Pale Skin Leona / smoky
HAIR: [Aden] ~ Mariya (Blonde)
EYE: MADesigns ~ INNOCENCEeyes - soft wood


DRSS & HAT: Orage ~ Blanca Wedding
EARRINGS: *K-Design* Earring ~ Sophia (White gold)
NECKLACE: *K-Design* Necklace ~ Sophia (White gold)


Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

Konbanwa! Good evening girls :)

I went shopping to So Many Styles.

There gathered fashion bloggers and we spent so pleasant time :)

I selected this green skirt and started to dress myself.

The fringe is so cute and inspired me to make cowgirl style.

The cowboy hat from NC, we can change the lace position up and down the face.

Have a nice weekend :D

:: I wear..::


SKIN: Redgrave ~ Leona tan green
HAIR: LeLutka ~ MIA - LBrown


SHIRT: !_Ce_Cubic effect ~ Shirt H5 (Green)
VEST: **en Svale** ~ Suede Fringe Vest(Combi)
SKIRT: {SMS} ~ Tweedy Skirt Green skirt
SOCKS: !Sock Shop! ~ Stripy Socks
BAG: =E.M.A= ~ BAG (Store currently not found XD
RING: (Creamshop) ~ wood coin ring
GLOVES: Vette's Boutique ~ V gloves Brown
HAT: [NC] ~ CowboyHat-02.1-Brown
BOOTS: Slink ~ Jane Cowboy Boot Eagle

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade

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